Forti for 40’s

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted in a while – well, I’ve been busy.  Who hasn’t right?  But since I’ve last posted, I GOT MARRIED!!!  I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I am addicted to Pinterest.  I found the site 1/2 way through wedding planning and I was hooked.  At first, I didn’t find much that went along with my 1940’s theme… then I dug further.  While everyone was doing vintage/mason jars/burlap, there were a few brides who, like me, wanted to step outside the box.  Since this was my 2nd marriage, I did not want formal or traditional.  I wanted people to leave saying “that was a fun wedding”.   Below are some great sites and a few of our fabulous pictures – if you are planning a retro wedding, I hope you find inspiration!  You can also follow me on my pinterest page

All photos below courtesy of Matt Baron Photography

40's wedding Favs_Details-6 Favs_Details-15 Favs_Details-45 Favs_Details-59 Favs_Details-66 Favs_Details-82 Groups_Portraits-5 Groups_Portraits-111 Groups_Portraits-147For more inspiration, check out these great websites:
Offbeat Bride, Rock and Roll Bride, Rock My Wedding


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